What We Do
We believe that as entrepreneurs we can achieve more as a group than we can as individuals. As a community, our goal is to find creative ways to collaborate so that each of our companies can have a long-term positive impact on the world.
Mentorship, resources, community, and networking opportunities, to grow faster. Connect entrepreneurs with industry leaders, investors, and Stanford's cutting-edge research and educational resources. We customize the programming based on vertical and founder experience.
Lead mentors
Serial entrepreneurs meet regularly with you and provide advice to help them develop as a founder
Founder forum and wikis
Space for peer-to-peer learning where founders can engage in open dialogues, ask questions, and learn from each others' experiences and insights.
Stanford recruiting & career fairs
Events aimed at recruiting talented Stanford students and alumni, allowing them to connect with startups and explore exciting entrepreneurial opportunities.
Board of advisors
A panel of mentors giving you advice on the company itself.
Demo Day
100% online (Netflix style) reaches 1000+ investors at all levels; Held 2x per year.
Personalized learning
Personalized learning program, tailored to meet each startup's unique goals and needs.
Biweekly neighborhood meetups
Founders are broken up into sub-groups based on Role (support group) or Industry/Topic of Interest (Study Group)
VIP night
Gives you an opportunity to present your company and seek help from the broader StartX community, including alumni, mentors and experts.
Office Hours
StartX hosts office hours, roundtables, workshops, and other events for our founders. Roundtables are regularly held by experts in our community to provide 1:many help to a larger number of companies on a specific topic.
Offerings for the first chapter of your journey
There is always a beginning to each entrepreneurial journey, and StartX is well positioned to help founders at the earliest chapter of their company formation, or even career. We have fellowship program that comprises of a student in residence program, professor in residence, and entrepreneur in residence for repeat founders. We believe that bringing these groups together at the early stages of company formation allow for innovation solutions to solving some of the world’s most challenging problems.
Non-profit Structure
As a non-profit accelerator, we take pride in our commitment to not taking equity in your company. Our primary goal is to provide you with the resources, mentorship, and support needed to succeed, all while preserving your equity and optionality as a founder. Moreover, for founders who wish to bootstrap, explore non-VC funding avenues, or have participated in another accelerator, our accelerator provides the ideal platform. We don’t take equity, we just ask that you pay it forward and share your expertise with others.
Supported By Stanford
The StartX experience as we know it was developed through $7M+ in grant funding from Stanford University & Stanford Health Care to support the Stanford entrepreneurship ecosystem. To date, Stanford University and Stanford Health Care have deployed a combined $200M to ensure the StartX community and StartX organization will be self-sufficient in perpetuity. StartX itself is an independent non-profit from Stanford University, to ensure that there is a clear separation of IP between any research at Stanford and the work your team is doing to bring impact to real patients and industry.
Event: StartX is inviting you to an AI Networking Mixer this Thursday (11/2) from 6-8 PM.
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